Looking for a better way to resolve personal injury claims and costly back to work issues? Want to boost staff morale and reduce turnover? So do we.

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On average, our clients experience a 10% saving in costs after taking our communication training courses*


MOMENTA’s communication training teaches you how to change and influence the behaviour of the injured, unhappy or disgruntled staff and customers.

Easy to learn – Proven to reduce costs - Improve bottom line - Lower stress levels.

*In the insurance industry, improved results on one claim of 10% is enough to cover your training costs. (Global bank, workers compensation insurer)


The only communication training organisation to combine medical expertise with behavioural science. You will learn new ways to connect and use your language to overcome objections and influence behaviour. Training is specific to your industry and immediately actionable.

How good are we? 83% of training attendees plan to use a new tactic immediately.

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On-site sessions, one-on-ones and microlearning modules delivered by medical experts in the insurance, human resources and human behaviour fields. Our communication training combines workshopping, practical and theory-based learning that is innovative and relatable.

72% of training attendees felt their confidence and motivation to try out a new skill was 5 out of 5.

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Every team member. Typically, we teach managers, human resources and employment teams, disability employers, insurance workers and customer service staff.

We also deliver bespoke training to medical specialists and generalists, physical therapists and chronic disease case managers.

83% of training attendees gave the program an overall rating of 5 out of 5.

Tailor-made training to size and budget. FIND OUT MORE.


"I use the training tools and tips every day in my work" - Global Bank HR Specialist