Advisory Services

From strategic planning to delivery, consulting and advisory services we deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Sometimes you need to kick-start a new strategy and gather some momentum, other times it’s an experienced and practical set of ears and eyes who can test the direction you are headed. MOMENTA delivers advisory services to the insurance, human resource and employment sectors. We partner with companies wanting to build their performance through improved conversation and communication, to change the way they are seen by customers and clients.


Simple, effective communication that’s designed to influence can be the difference between success and failure.

Let us take your high impact standard letters, emails, procedures or forms and apply the principles of plain language AND behavioural science to create compelling communication aligned to your values and behaviours.

How does clear communication drive business impact?


Streamline into communication that is read by others.


Clarity means messages are understood the first time.


Reduce costs and improve the results. Increase the experience for customers, stakeholder and your people.